So, so sad. Bottom line: NOLA situation is but one example of the truth behind education reform and charter schools. The reforms are in it for the money, and for the opportunity to get rid of public education. And the poor and of color don’t need the best possible education. Thanks, deutsch29 (Mercedes Schneider), for posting.

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On May 29, 2014, Lindsey Layton of the Washington Post wrote this article on the conversion of the state-run New Orleans Recovery School District’s (RSD) conversion to charters.

I would like to clarify a few of Layton’s glossy statements about RSD.

Let us begin with this one:

The creation of the country’s first all-charter school system has improved education for many children in New Orleans.

Layton offers no substantial basis for her opinion of “improvement” other than that the schools were “seized” by the state following Katrina.

Certainly school performance scores do not support Layton’s idea of “improvement.” Even with the inflation of the 2013 school performance scores, RSD has no A schools and very few B schools. In fact, almost the entire RSD– which was already approx 90 percent charters– qualifies as a district of “failing” schools according to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s definition of “failing schools” as C…

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