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Me comatose on my MacBook keyboard, March 29, 2013. (Donald Earl Collins).

Me comatose on my MacBook keyboard, March 29, 2013. (Donald Earl Collins).

As of today, I’m taking a blogging hiatus. It will likely last between two and four weeks. I’ve been trying to finalize the Boy @ The Window manuscript, write other articles, post on my blog at least twice a week, work out, run and sometimes play basketball between four and five times a week, teach three classes this semester, and pick up additional work. I can’t do all of that, not all at once. I’ve already cut back my workout schedule to three times a week, and pushed back some work in order to complete the finishing touches to the book ms.

But now, with Boy @ The Window so close to finally, finally, finally being done (at least from a technical perspective), I have more to do on the business and proposal side over the next couple of weeks. I don’t want to shoot the final product into the air, only for it to come crashing down, killing me and everyone else within fifty yards, like an old German V-2 rocket.

So, for the first time in nearly six years of blogging (including three years through WordPress), I’m taking a break. Not exactly a vacation, as my intent is to have my magnum opus out in ebook form, at least, by the end of April. But a break from waxing philosophical, being goofy and sharing anger, rage and tears of joy and pain here. The next time I do a full blog post, Boy @ The Window will be a real book.

In the meantime, there are 610 other posts to take in, and hopefully, to enjoy.