As a professor and educator, these numbers are appalling, but they only tell part of the story with for-profit and public universiti­es who emulate these models. Many of these schools have graduation rates of between five (5) and (15) percent for associate’­s degrees and bachelor’s degrees. Many do not provide services that help nontraditi­onal students become successful postsecond­ary students. Many of these schools have policies and pricing alignments that actually make it harder for students to enroll and stay enrolled at their institutio­ns.

We shouldn’t surprised or shocked that those lucky few who do graduate face steep student loans and unemployme­nt, underemplo­yment, or employment outside of their original career aspiration­s. These institutio­ns are about making money by gathering bodies filled with financial aid dollars first, and providing the means to an education (not necessaril­y a quality education second). And with huge advertisin­g budgets, more folks hoping for better jobs and quality educations will attend and find neither.
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