All I know is, Stevie Williams came off as former Indianapol­is Colts PK Mike Vanderjagt did at the end of the 2002 NFL season, throwing Peyton Manning under the bus while taking no blame for his infrequent making of field goals in big games. Yes, Adam Scott won, but really, is that a surprise? I mean, I thought that Scott was a pretty darn good golfer, not a mediocre one. And certainly not one that somehow needed Williams’ pixie dust to play four wonderful rounds last weekend.

I’m glad that Tiger took the high road, but I would’ve liked to have heard him take the Manning road. You know, Manning’s response to Vanderjagt­’s comment, where he said, “we’re talking about our idiot kicker who got liquored up and ran his mouth off” with a cutting Southern drawl. I, for one, think that Williams is an “idiot caddie” who may have gotten “liquored up” as well.

I wrote a post last year (http://www­.donaldear­lcollins.c­om) regarding Tiger titled “There Will Be Blood,” in that some people might be eating their words, at least once Tiger finds his game again. There are signs, of course, but only signs so far. So I wait with anticipati­on, hoping that the yapping dogs who wish nothing but ill for the man find themselves silent and speechless once more. And Steve Williams, you’re now in the back of that line.
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