Why do we need to see photos confirming that bin Laden’s dead? Do we distrust our government and Obama so much that we need to see a bullet hole in his head to know for sure? Last I checked, they have blood and DNA evidence right? What more do we need?

This only proves how uncivilize­d and imperialis­tically depraved we can be. Really, we’re not much different from the Romans. We want to parade a dead bin Laden down Constituti­on Avenue, with troops marching in triumph, have vanquished an enemy. Or, better still, we could’ve captured bin Laden alive and forced him to march in chains after days of torture, showing how great a nation we are in the process.

Do people really think a picture of a dead bin Laden honors the dead from 9/11 and his other attacks? Does it bring closure to the survivors, widowers, orphans and other loved ones who lost someone that day? Does it vindicate the use of US troops in Afghanista­n and Iraq over the past nine years and seven months?

Of course it doesn’t. It merely satisfies those with blood lust and revenge in their hearts, as well as those who distrust everything Obama does.
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