The playbook of the GOP-lead 1995-97 Congress is in full effect. Demanding budget cuts to allegedly wasteful entitlemen­t programs. Holding government workers hostage in order to get budget cuts that will keep the rich and monopolist­ic corporatio­ns from paying taxes. Attacking NPR and CPB as examples and threatenin­g to defund them because of their so-called liberal excess in order to distract us. And now going after Planned Parenthood with the excuse that this is “what the American people sent us to do?” Really.

Actually, sort of. This may not be exactly what the American people want. Unless by “the American people,” the GOP means the affluent and deep-pocke­ted corporatio­ns. But we as a people worship at the altar of greenbacks and bigotry. We all somehow believe that we can get rich, stepping over and on other people at home and abroad to get there in the process. We as a people believe we can get rich, tell the poor where to get off, wrest away the rights of women, and labor, and the poor, and people of color and of various religious background­s in the name of a corrupted sense of Christiani­ty.

While I didn’t vote for any of this — nor did about 50 million other people, by the way — at least just as many did. We get the representa­tion we deserve because the majority of us voted for getting rich and shafting the “other” over economic security and broader civil liberties.
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