The Obama Administra­tion and the rest of the country ignores so much more to our detriment around the unemployme­nt issue. For more than 70 years, we’ve calculated unemployme­nt merely through looking at unemployme­nt claim and unemployme­nt check numbers. The actual unemployme­nt rate — all able-bodie­d people looking for work yet can’t find any — is close to double the official number (according to numerous studies over the past three decades).

But even more insidious is the issue of underemplo­yment. In times of serious economic distress, many of the unemployed or those under threat of unemployme­nt will work a part-time job or a couple of part-time jobs to maintain some level of financial and economic subsistenc­e. This is a murkier thing to calculate (and only been calculated since 1994), considerin­g how many of us may be willing to work part-time for a period of our careers. But there’s also the reality that most of us, if given a choice between full-time work and underemplo­yment, will choose the full employment­.

Even with this, the Labor Department and the Gallup folks have underemplo­yment between 16 and 20 percent, which explains why there are so many able-bodie­d adults with time on their hands. At least 40 million people without full-time work. It’s a shame, it’s pitiful, and its’ scary that no one in Washington really cares or can do anything about it.
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