2 thoughts on “political-spectrum_mm1”

  1. Marc Webster said:

    Adolf Hitler was a Socialist (National Socialism) by his policies… he should be on the LEFT.

    • That is ridiculous. Look at their WHOLE platform, not just their name. Sure, the Nazi state took over a few institutions (kind of like socialism), but it was in the course of becoming increasingly oppressive, and not to form a more equitable relationship between the nation-state and its ordinary citizens, not socioeconomically, not politically, not in any real sense. Your explanation is an example of reading the cover of a book without reading the pages within. Between the racist, misogynistic, ableist, and homophobic vision, rhetoric, policies, and ultimately, mass murders, that alone makes National Socialism far right. “What about the autobahn?” is a non-starter of a counterargument, don’t you think?

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